Fabienne Douce evolves in the field of photography and is based in Haiti. In 2011, through Haiti Reporters, she discovered photojournalism and continues to explore it. Thus, through FOKAL, she participated in various photojournalism and documentary photography workshops with Haitian and European photographers. Member of Kolektif 2 Dimansyon, a collective of Haitian photographers, she has collaborated on several collective publications and group exhibitions at Centre d’Art (Haïti), Selebrasyon Haïti (New-York). His photos are published in Le Monde, Le Nouvelliste, Libération and La Presse canadienne. she also serves individuals at ceremonies as well as NGOs. under the direction of the Italian photographer Nicola Lo Calzo, as part of a collective work, she has just published a book on the memory of the dictatorship in the publishing house André Frère  "Kazal: Mémoire d’un massacre sous Duvalier une approche photographique"

Fabienne Douce

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